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Unrequited Love.

Author: shanie1d
Rating: R just to be safe.
Warning: attempted suicide. 
Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles.
Summary: Harry has a case of unrequited love but it all becomes too much for him when his best friend tells him he doesn't need him anymore.
Disclaimer: I don't own One Direction, or know them, as much as I like to believe I do.
Authors notes: This is fiction, not real, this is just something I come up with based on one sentence that I was told. Also, I have no problem with Eleanor, nor do I think Eleanor is a 'gold digger.' 

Harry didn't know how much more he could take of seeing the love of his life with someone else, someone who didn't deserve them or love them half as much as he did.

Harry cringed at the sound of her piercing laugh echoing throughout the room & he sunk further into the couch, hoping it would swallow him up. He just wanted to disappear really.

Harry couldn't pinpoint the exact moment he fell for his best friend. Maybe it was the first time they met at bootcamp & the most flawless person came over to him & asked him for a picture. Harry accepted & when he asked why they wanted a picture, the response blew Harry away; 'because you're going to be famous one day.'

Maybe it was when the newly formed band spent a week at Harrys & they all found out everything they needed to know about each other. All Harry knew was that he was in love with his best friend & he was too far gone to do anything about it.

There was a time when Harry let himself believe that Louis reciprocated his feelings, not that Harry ever had the bottle to tell Louis how he felt, or even ask Louis how he felt, but there were glances, the way Louis' demeanour would change when Harry was asked in interviews about the various girls he'd been linked to. There were also touches, Louis was a touchy person anyway, but more so with Harry than the others, the way Louis would stare at Harry when he thought he wasn't looking, the way his face lit up when Harrys did & the way that the two best friends cuddled up at night, that made Harry think that maybe, just maybe he would get his fairytale ending with the Doncaster lad.

Then Eleanor came along. Stupidly beautifully perfect Eleanor with her long legs & itsy bitsy waist & big eyes & Louis fell hook line & sinker for her. Harry didn't understand how they found each other, but they did & Harry didn't like it. There was something off with Eleanor, like she felt more for Louis' money than she felt for Louis. Harry was suddenly a second option to Louis, or that's how it seemed to the curly haired boy & that was something Harry never thought Louis would do, make Harry feel that way, make Harry an option for when Eleanor was busy.

He was shook out of his daydream as Niall manoeuvred to get comfortable, & Harry watched out the corner of his eye as Eleanor twisted her body & placed her lips on Louis'. Harry stood up & when questioned by Liam, he muttered something about being tired & he shot out of the room, forcing back the tears.

Harry made his way downstairs, feeling groggy & rough after a shit nights sleep. He flicked the switch on the kettle down & pulled out everything he needed to make a cup of tea, before resting against the worktop. It was then he heard little sobs & he followed them until he reached the sitting room. He froze as he saw the sobs were coming from Louis, his elbows resting against his legs & his head in his hands, every few seconds he'd pull on his feathered hair.

Harry rushed over & dropped onto his knees in front of the older boy, prising his hands away from his face. 

"Lou, what's wrong?" He asked gently, ignoring the sensation he felt as Louis' fingers intertwined with his. 

"My-they're-they're getting a divorce." Louis stumbled over his words before the sobs started again & Harry stood up & sat next to Louis, pulling him into his body so his head rested on Harrys shoulder. He knew how much the older boys family meant to him & he wanted to be there for Louis as much as possible.

"I love you Harry." & Harrys breath hitched in his throat.

"W-wha-what?" Harry choked & Louis sighed, his forefingers rubbing circles onto the top of Harrys hand.

"You're my best friend Harry, I don't know what I'd do without you." Louis told him & Harry mentally punched himself.

"Oh right," Harry replied & he let out a forced half hearted chuckle. "You don't need me though man, you've got Eleanor." He added, hoping Louis would say the words he needed to hear.

"Just because I don't need you, doesn't mean I don't want you." Louis said & Harry was sure the sound of his heart was audible. Harry jolted away from Louis, but Louis didn't notice, the sound of Eleanors ringtone was blaring out & the boy forgot Harry was there. Harry couldn't breathe & before he could realise, his legs had carried him up the stairs & his hands had shut the door & had put a chair under the handle, so nobody could get in. 

Harry wasn't thinking straight when he pulled the cardboard shoe box out from underneath his bed. He never thought he'd need the contents of it, but he kept it just in case. None of his bandmates knew about his secret past of self harm, but right now, he wasn't after the razorblades. Instead, he pulled out boxes of tablets, he didn't even know what they were, but again, he didn't care. He could just about cope with Louis' unrequited love towards him, but for his best friend not to need him? That had killed him & if he was already dead on the inside, what was the point?

He popped the pills out of their confinements & tipped them from his right hand to his left. With his right hand, he grabbed the pint of water from the drawers by his bed & tipped the tablets into his mouth, taking a drink of the water straight after. He repeated his actions until there were no more tablets to take & he pushed the stuff off his bed. With the tears streaming down his face, he lay down & pulled the quilt up to his chin, closed his eyes & waited for the darkness to overcome him & the pain to go away.


April 2012

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