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Forever is a long time.

Author: shanie1d
Rating: PG.
Warning: Angst, possibly. 
Pairing: Niall Horan/Harry Styles.
Summary: Niall finally gets the boy he's been pining over for months.
Disclaimer: I thought I'd write a nice one shot, instead of one full of hurt etc. Kind of ship Narry, not as much as Ziam, Lilo or Larry, but it's nearly there. Not exactly a song fic, but the last part is taken from one of my favourite songs; I wouldn't mind by He is We, check it out, it's beautiful.

Niall had always knew he was gay, he just didn't want anyone else to know. Sure his family & best friend, Sean, knew & they supported his decision a hundred percent, they were behind him no matter what. It wasn't that he was ashamed of his sexualilty, he wasn't, but the fans were finally beginning to find Niall attractive, & he didn't want to jeprodise that by coming out. He also didn't want to jeprodise the bands future, that was selfish, he'd rather live a lie as a straight boy, then ruin his four best friends lives. 
His four best friends didn't know that he was gay either. When asked in interviews why he was still single, he'd tell the world that he was waiting for his princess, & that he'd definitely date a fan. The others boy had given up trying to set Niall up with girls, Nialls heart was never in it when they did set him up & he always ended it for the same reason; it didn't feel right.
Niall knew why it didn't feel right, not only because they were girls & he didn't swing that way, but because he liked someone, no, not liked, was falling for someone, someone that he shouldn't be falling for, that would complicate things.
Harry Styles. The cheeky, charming, curly haired beauty that was one of his best friends as well as his bandmate. Niall wasn't sure when his feelings became more than friendship for the younger boy, but he knew they were there. He'd had his fair share of feelings for the same sex, but nothing of this height. Maybe it was because he spent every single minute with the boy, or maybe it was his baby face & curls & dimples & piercing green eyes. All Niall knew, was that Harry Styles was everything & more.
"This is the best concert ever!" Liam shouted as he jumped around & the others quickly agreed. There was nothing quite like playing in a country on the other side of the world to your home & selling it out, before having the whole crowd sing along to your songs, even though your album hadn't been out that long prior to the gig.
"I have an idea!" Louis shouted & Liam rolled his eyes. Usually the oldest boys ideas were ridciulous & beyond crazy.
"Do we want to hear this?" Zayn asked, noticing Liams face & Louis nodded vigrously.
"We swap clothes with each other, come on it'll be funny!" 
"What?" Niall asked & Louis pulled his shirt off, which the other four boys followed suit. Soon they were stood topless in front of each other, which was nothing new.
"Right, Niall put my t shirt on & give yours to Harry." Niall handed Harry his red polo shirt, igniting butterflies in his belly as their fingers touched. He grabbed Louis' shirt & pulled it over his head, before looking over at Harry, who was giving Louis his t shirt & blazer & Liam & Zayn were swapping jackets & shirts. Niall noticed just how good Harry looked in his red shirt & he had to hold back a groan. Harry looked over to Niall & winked at him, before they all rushed out of the dressing room & back on stage. 
"So, just how good was that?!" Harry shouted over the music & Zayn lifted his glass up.
"A toast, to our amazing fans, to our world tour next year & to our four amazing brothers!" 
They all clicked their glasses together & drank, four out of the five boys shuddering as the alcohol burned their throats, Liam supping at his Coke. 
"Can't believe we're going home tomorrow, it's just, I can't wait!" Louis said & the others nodded in agreement & Louis planted a kiss on Harrys head, as Niall hung his head. Niall wasn't going home to see his family, as the boys needed to be in the studio the day after they arrived home & his parents couldn't get time off work to get a flight. 
"I won't be a minute, need air." Niall muttered & he walked towards the back exit, unaware of Harrys eyes watching him. 
Niall lent against the wall, the cold air hitting his arms, giving him goosebumps. He didn't care though, he just wanted, no needed, air. He didn't know how much he could go on, he missed his family, he missed Sean. Sean knew about Nialls secret feelings for Harry & he needed to talk, he needed advice off his best friend about what to do. Niall thought about telling his bandmates & Sean encouraged this, he knew they wouldn't deny Niall, they'd be proud of him for coming out to them, but Niall was scared. He knew the boys wouldn't regret him, they'd welcome his sexualilty with open arms & it wasn't that he didn't trust them, there was just this voice in the back of his head, screaming at him not to do it, that they'd treat him different & he couldn't risk it.
He groaned loudly & banged his head against the wall a few times. The fourth time he did it, his head came into contact with a hand & he jumped back. 
"You alright Nialler?" Harry asked him & Niall nodded. 
"Fine, just needed air."
"What were you thinking about?" Harry enquired & Niall narrowed his eyes in confusion.
"Come off it, your eyes were glazed over & all distant & you were picking at your fingers, you only do that when your thinking."  Harry replied & Niall couldn't stop a small smile dancing on his lips.
"How do you know that?" He whispered & Harry moved his hand from the wall & held Nialls.
"I pay attention." Harry whispered & Niall smiled at Harry.
Harry felt Niall tighten the grip on his hand & he looked at him. The moon shone on Niall, the light making him look more beautiful & Harry shook his head.
"What?" Niall asked & Harry shrugged.
"You're just, you're so attractive." He replied & Nialls eyes widened, before he shook his head.
"No, no I'm not, I'm nothing compared to you four." He replied & he looked to the floor.
"But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell, you don't know you're beautiful." Harry sang gently & a blush found it's way to Nialls cheeks & he looked at Harry, who was grinning.
"You really are Niall & I, I really like you." He said & Nialls mouth fell open, before he shut it again, causing Harry to chuckle.
"Really?" He asked & Harry nodded.
"I really like you too." He whispered, so quietly, Harry only just managed to catch it.
"Well, I guess there's only one thing for it." He said & Niall tilted his head.
"Be mine." 
"Be. My. Boyfriend." Harry replied & Niall grinned & nodded.
"Okay." He accepted & Niall crushed his lips against Harrys. Finally, after six months of wishing, it was finally granted.
"I could do that forever." 
"Forever is a long time." Harry replied & Niall nodded.
"But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side." He replied as his lips touched Harrys again.


April 2012

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