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Drunken Mistakes.

Author: shanie1d
Rating: R.
Warning: Rape.
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson.
Summary: Harry comes home drunk one night, as he's been doing for ages now & Louis gets angry at his best friends self destructive ways. Louis confronts Harry & Harry rapes Louis.
Disclaimer: I was asked to do this from an anon on Tumblr. I don't support rape in any way, shape or form. Especially for personal reasons.
Authors note: I'm not happy with this piece of writing, but hey, practice makes perfect. I'd also like to say that the person who asked for the prompt isn't a dark person, or sick, they were just curious. I thought I could capture Louis' emotions as the victim, as I've experienced it first hand, but obviously, I didn't do a very good job. Sloppy ending, I know & I apologise if it's not the way the person wanted it. 

Harry didn't think anything of it when he started having thoughts about his best friend, he'd often find himself admiring his femine features, his beautiful eyes & the way his hair looked so good, even when it was messy. Then when the two boys moved in together & Louis started hanging round their apartment topless, Harry started admiring his body, how perfect it was & how it wasn't horribly defined . All the boys complimented each other all the time & when asked in interviews were quick to answer, so he didn't think it was strange or weird that he admired Louis.
It was when Harry woke up in the middle of the night, panting, heart racing, drenched in sweat & hand gripping on his hard on that scared him the most. Not because of how he woke up, he'd woke up like that all the time, he just finished himself off, cleaned up & went back to sleep till his alarm went off, what scared him was the fact that he'd been dreaming of Louis. Harry had always been curious of the same sex, he'd even had a few snogs from males & him & his band had shared a few pecks in their time as a band, but never, ever, had he woke up or even had a dream of that kind about a male. His thoughts found themselves back to Louis & the dream, of Louis writhing around underneath Harry, his hard on catching Harrys, making Harry bite down harder on Louis' neck, caushng Louis to moan Harrys name, Louis pulling on Harrys curls, which diverted Harrys attention, letting Louis take control, rolling over so he was on top of Harry & kissing down the younger boys torso, biting every so often.  Harry didn't even realise what he was doing until he'd made a mess on his chest & he was scared, although he couldn't deny it was the best wank he'd had. 
Harry avoided Louis as best he could for a while & he even took to going out every night & shagging whatever girl was up for it next. He needed to get these feelings out of his system, what better way than to shag girls, make him realise this is what he likes. He'd even turned to drink to numb the pain, he knew Louis would never reciprocate his feelings. Louis was the straightest person he knew, he was also a slag, he couldn't be in a relationship without cheating on the girl. Harry only went out with Louis once, even though Harry had shagged four different girls in the club toilets, seeing Louis in one of the booths with a girl killed him, so instead he went out with Zayn, & when Zayn wasn't available, Niall. He'd even got to talking to Nick Grimshaw & gone out all night with him, resulting in Harry having a fling with Caroline Flack.
It was one of the nights he'd been out with Nick that Harry made possibly the biggest mistake of his life. It was no secret that Louis was worried, but it was also no secret that Harry didn't realise, or maybe he did, he just didn't care. Louis had stayed up for hours waiting for Harry to come home & when he didn't, he went to bed & was drifting off when he heard the front door slam & Harry stumble up the stairs, cursing a few times before slamming his bedroom door. Louis had had enough of his best friends self destructive ways & got out of bed & stormed into Harrys room. 
Harry lay on his bed staring at the ceiling, he couldn't sort his thoughts out he was that drunk & for some reason he started singing loudly. He looked up when his bedroom door was thrown open & that was when he realised that Louis had stayed in tonight. Harry sat up & grinned at Louis as he stood in only his boxers glaring at Harry.
"Why are you doing this to yourself?" Louis asked & Harry tilted his head in confusion.
"Doing what?" He asked, his head lolling back against the headboard against his will. 
"This, practically killing yourself with the booze, it's not healthy Harry!" Louis shouted & Harry laughed loudly, not even taking in what Louis was saying. 
"Harry, it isn't funny!" He screamed & Harry looked at Louis again. Louis standing in front of Harry all angry & practically naked turned him on so much. Before he knew what he was doing, he'd stood up & grabbed hold of Louis' arms & pushed him onto the bed. 
"Harry, what the fuck are you doing?" Louis shouted, he'd never seen Harry like this before.
"You want this, you slut. Look at you, parading round in nothing but those boxers, you must know what you do to me." Harry growled, lust in his drunk eyes. 
"Harry, this isn't funny, get off." Louis wriggled underneath the younger boy, but Harry held his stance. Although he was younger, he was definitely stronger & Louis couldn't get away.
"Lou, come on, I won't hurt you, I promise." Harry slurred & he placed a kiss on Louis' lips. Louis writhed some more underneath Harry, feeling Harry harden underneath him was weird, he didn't like it.
As Harry started kissing down Louis' neck, Louis tried again to reason with Harry.
"Harry, you're drunk, come on, stop it. Now." Louis said firmly, but Harry carried on, ignoring Louis' pleas. 
Suddenly Harry stopped & Louis lifted his head, hoping Harry had realised what he was doing & that it was wrong. Instead, Harry had pulled his tshirt over his head & was unbuckling his jeans. 
"Harry." Louis said but he ignored him again, the drunken ephoria taking over his body. Harry didn't know what he was doing, this was his drunk alter ego, he couldn't stop now if he tried. 
Louis stood up quickly, but Harry turned him round & pushed him back onto the bed & climbed on top of the older boy. Louis attempted to kick at Harry, but he couldn't, Harry was straddling him now & both the boys boxers were coming off. 
Louis felt the tip of Harry at his entrance & he didn't like it, he didn't like this, he didn't want this & right now, he didn't like Harry. Harry was his best friend, why was he doing this?
"Harry, no. Stop it, now." Louis tried again, but he knew it was hopeless. 
"It'll be painful at first, but it'll subside, I promise Lou, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you." 
"You're hurting me now." Louis said but Harry kissed the back of his neck & pushed his hard shaft into Louis. As Louis screamed out in agony, Harry moaned, finally he was inside the boy he loved. 
"Harry, fucking hell, get off now!" Louis screamed, tears streaming down his face, but instead Harry began to thrust, making Louis sob. The pain was unbearable. Harry was moaning Louis' name over & over & it was making Louis' stomach turn, he didn't even know Harry was gay! 
Harry moaned & thrusted a few times before pulling out & coming on the bedsheets. Suddenly, the realisation of what he had done hit him like a ton of bricks & he threw himself off the bed & covered the bottom half of himself up, the tears streaming down his face, possibly more so than Louis'. 
"I'm sorry Louis, I'm so sorry. I fucking hate myself." He whispered over & over again, before he threw up, the fact that he'd just raped his best friend killed him & the fact that he'd most probably tortured him. He didn't know how they were going to get passed this & Harry knew that he was never, ever going to forgive himself.


Wow...just wow!
Could you recommend some good stories (midi/maxi) for translation into Russian?

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